Our Mission

Nicastro Group is an international company where real estate and financial expertise come together to reward customer choice with a unique vision of real estate at 360˚.
At Nicastro Group, we understand that trust becomes increasingly important when choosing a real estate firm. That’s why the Group has worked hard to build a reputation throughout the tenure, and thrives on building long-lasting relationships with clients while delivering the outstanding quality service they’ve come to expect from a top-notch real estate investment company, and ultimately maximizing their return on investment.


Nicastro Group offers a wide range of services: from real estate brokerage activities in both Miami and New York, to the property management for absentee owners; from the acquisition, construction and development of both buildings and single family homes, to the Finance Division, in which we operate in financial transactions in cooperation with the most recognized US real estate investment funds.

Group Values

Nicastro Group’s value consists in assisting the customers throughout the entire decision-making process, in order to maximize the value of the investment. The Group real estate investment services are first-class, and its dedication to maintaining an outstanding reputation speaks for itself.

Nicastro Group

A great pool of investors, customers, family offices and financial institutions have chosen Nicastro Group as a counterpart for their investments in the US.

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