Get the opportunity to obtain the Green Card by investing in real estate projects.

The division Driftwood Hospitality Management has recently launched an EB-5 program that will help fund a long pipeline of investments.

As a builder, owner and operator of hotels, with extensive experience in the hospitality industry, Driftwood is able to ensure investment security for all customers who wish to obtain a visa EB-5.

The visa EB-5 allows you to get a Green Card (Permanent Resident Card) by starting a new business in the US or recapitalizing local company at a loss ("Troubled Business").

How Does It Work

As part of the program, foreign investors are currently required to invest $ 500,000 in a company that creates and maintains at least 10 jobs, in order to help stimulate the economy in some rural areas or high unemployment in the United States. Investors are granted a temporary visa once their application has been approved by Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States (typically a one-year process). Investors can then request the status of permanent resident in the United States once again proved that the economic benefits arising from their investment are achieved.

Below the steps for obtaining the Green Card through EB-5 program approved by the US government:

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