Participation in the investment fund Driftwood Acquisition Developments, which specializes in the acquisition of hotel, aimed at repositioning and sale to institutional or private investors, enables the Group to diversify its range of investments, relying on an established reality in the hospitality industry.

Driftwood has a demonstrated expertise in the Hospitality Management, manages and develops hotels throughout the United States, as well as having affiliates operating in the Caribbean and Latin America. The portfolio includes over 8,000 rooms in more than 40 hotels iin the major tourist destinations and business in 13 US states, including Costa Rica.

The Group is proud to provide services that allow our hotels and resorts to achieve solid growth and generate more revenue by working on the acquisition, development, repositioning and renovation of hotels situated in the most attractive markets in the world.

Driftwood's Portfolio
The portfolio also includes several known hotel chains and franchises around the world, including: Marriott International, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Hilton Worldwide, InterContinental Hotels Group, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Wyndham Worldwide, Choice Hotels International.

Investment Features
The opportunities for hotel acquisitions are selected from the group based on location, brand, and potential return. Each acquisition is carefully analyzed by the Investment Committee, and must meet rigorous performance indices, provided that enabled the Group's success over the years.

The Group has the ability to search and buy with their money the best opportunities on the hotel market in the United States.

When put under our management the hotel, we offer to our network of investors the opportunity to participate by purchasing shares of individual projects. In this phase, it provides a consultancy analyzing the investment even as tax and administrative point of view.

- Each project is selected so as to generate average annual dividends above the threshold of 10% IRR and a net at the end of more than 15% project.

- Minimum investment share: $ 100,000

- The investment horizon is 3 to 10 years. It also allowed the opportunity of early exit with respect to the fixed maturity.

- The hotel facilities must be located in areas of the US or expanding in strategic markets with high barriers to entry.

- Hotels must be affiliated with a top brand, with a consolidated reservation system (i.e. Hilton, Sheraton ...).

- Hotels need to generate a solid cash flow, and have potential for improvement.

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