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New real estate investment solutions in the United States

Founded in 2014, Ambrosiana LLC is an investment fund that arises as a trusted intermediary in order to assist the customer throughout the entire decision-making process, optimizing the value of the investment.

Founded as a Mortgage Lender Company, Ambrosiana specializes in the delivery and underwriting of loans to individuals, corporations, and trusts. Ambrosiana LLC has expanded its investment portfolio by participating in more complex financial transactions.

Given the vast experience of its management in the field of US Real Estate, Ambrosiana LLC has focused over the years its activities in financial transactions with underlying assets or real estate developments, in collaboration with banks, institutional and accredited investors.

This approach has multiple advantages: on one hand Ambrosiana LLC benefits from the increased safety resulting from investments in the most recognized American funds, which have gained ground over the years as the best vehicles through which to invest; on the other hand, most of the investments are guaranteed by real estate assets, in a country where legislation regulating building developments, as well as transparency of the tax laws and the full protection of the property are absolutely guaranteed.

With a current investment portfolio of $ 85 million (including both loans issued over the years, and financial transactions), Ambrosiana LLC is always evaluating transactions in which to participate, by relying on a strict due diligence process. Ambrosiana LLC’s policy consists in charging a management fee exclusively on the profits of each investment: this way, investors are not buried by the typical fees charged by big institutions and fund managers, whatever the trend of the investments.


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