Property Management

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and reliable range of services to make their building operations as smooth, efficient and cost-effective as possible. We have been dedicated exclusively to providing the best residential property management to hundreds of building in all neighborhoods of Miami and beyond.

Our Services:

- 24/7 Emergency Contact
- Enforce Lease Regulations and Rules
- Receive/Collect Rental Payments
- Monthly Accounting Report to Owners
- Coordination of Repairs and Maintenance
- Handle Relationships with the Condo/Homeowners Association and the Owners
- Handle Relationships between the Landlords and Tenant
- Marketing & Renting Your Property
- Market Analysis of the Rental Value for Your Property
- Listings are Featured on More than 500 Web Sites Around the World
- Post your Rental on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
- No Signs in front of Home. We don't want to compromise the Security of Your Home
- Lease Administration, Renewals and Enforcement
- Fiscal
- Monthly Disbursements
- Direct Deposit into Your Account
- Summary of Income and Expenses

Nicastro Group

Nicastro Group

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